Privacy Policy



When the customer purchases some items from our shopify website, or used in the process of selling and buying to collect your personal data like address, name or email addresses.
When you are browsing our store pages, we will receive the internet protocol address.with the only reason to detect more information that actually will help us find out and collect data about desktop browser and windows operating system.
Some Email marketing program: With your awareness only, we can send emails or promotions etc, new products and some other actualization.


How do we get your consent?
When the customer provide his/her personal information to complete a payment, in order to verify any credit card visa or master card, place his her order, intend to wait for delivery or returns his her purchase, we apply and you consent data collecting it and using it for the specific reasons only nothing personal.
If sometimes we use a personal data to be applied in a some other reason, like promotions or by email or calling you for your decision to agree or disagree.

How do customers withdraw their consent?
Even after the client opt-in, they change their mind, and can withdraw your full consent if needed, for the continued collection of data, use or disclosure of your personal information, at anytime you wish, by contacting us by email at


We can apply customer private data if was needed by local law if the customer constantly violate the Terms and Services.


The web store is installed on secure Shopify fast platform. Shopify host us every day with the store services that we can use in order to offer any products and items or service to the current customer.
The customer data is hosted through Shopify servers data storage bank dns fast server, all data and the Shopify apps store. They keep your full personal data on a secured shopify server behind a mcfree antivirus programs.

Your Payment:
If you elect the direct payment order gateway process to fulfill the order, then the system will store and guard your visa card secure data so don't worry about the security. The process is to be encrypted according to all Card Security American Standard systems. Your personal data will be stored only to complete the order purchase transaction with visa, PayPal or any type of cards. After the completing of the payment, your data will be deleted immediately by the system.
All the direct orders according to the PCI-DSS used by all PCI Security Standards state program, which is a joint effort of brands like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and Discover.
The PCI-DSS laws for secure selling and handling of your credit card info by our shopify web and its providers companies.
For more info, you can read The Shopify’s Terms and Services conditions here ( or Privacy Statement (


The third-party carriers program used will only collect data and delete, use and disclose your info necessary to provide and fulfill the services needed to provide.
However, some third-party service providers like visa stripe etc., like payment companies gateways or all type of transaction companies, have their data document privacy statement policies documents written and stated for the customers.
For these payment companies, we highly recommend the customer check their privacy statement policies carefully so the customer can read carefully the main content in which the client data or any info will be used by these providers.
Remember that some carriers are located in an any jurisdiction. So when the customer choose to continue with the order and transaction that apply services of another service payment carriers, then the customer data could be a subject to the local laws in which the current service carrier is located-country or state.
For example, if you live in USA and your transaction is processed by a payment gateway located in Europe, then your personal information used in completing that order may be subject to disclosure under the EU legislation, including all Law Act.
Once you leave our ecom store website can direct to another website or app, you are no longer under responsibility of that Privacy statement data Policy or our website’s Terms and conditions of Service.

When you use some of these links in the ecom store pages, they may redirect or direct you out off our shopify store web. We can not be responsible for their privacy terms and conditions practices of other webs, and we strongly recommend that you read carefully their privacy data statements document policies.


In order for your protection of data info, we have taken reasonable precautions, and we are following all the industry actual measures to be sure it isn't used, misused, accessed, applied, disclosed, deleted, altered.
If you use your personal visa credit card information, the data info is definitely encrypted data using secure socket layer technology named (SSL) with AES-256 encryption mode. Although no method of transmission over the Internet third places or electronic storage is entirely secured, we follow all the PCI-DSS requirements and implementing of additional generally applied industry standards protocols.


Here is our cookies list we are using every time someone browses. Read the listed cookies here so that you 
Unique token, session, _session_id, Allows the Shopify to keep all needed data information about your browsing(referrer, google, landing page).
Now any data will be held, _shopify_visit, Persistent for 90 minutes from your last time visit, in the website server provider’s internal statistics trackers to always check the visits.
No such data will hold, _shopify_uniq, expires midnight (relative to every unique visitor that browse) of the next day browsing, Counts the number of the visits to an actual web store by an unique client.
Unique token, cart, persistent for 3 weeks from now, all the Stores data about your payment visa cart.
Unique token, _secure_session_id, session, unique token
storefront_digest, visitor has some access.


When using our website, you state you have an age of majority according to your country or state and any province of the residences and the customer have provided his her consent, in order to apply this site data.


We can reserve all rights to change or modify this statement policy statement if needed to add something important, so please check it from time to time if it's possible. All the changes or new statements take effect after apply on the shopify website store. If we currently make any changes to the current document, will notify the customer about any future updates and will show you, so that you are aware of what information we use, how we collect, if some is used and currently disclose it.
If the shopify store is merged with another web company, your information may be transferred to the current company and will sell items to our customers.


Feel free to: correct, access, delete any data we have in our databases, can complain, or need more info to contact our Privacy Compliance data at